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Renting in the UK shouldn't feel like a war

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What will you gain from this book?

  • πŸ’‘ Think Like A Landlord - Understand the incentives Landlords and Estate Agents have and use them to your advantage
  • πŸ’‘The Law - Know your rights! Learn the law and use itπŸ’ͺ. Don’t be the loser, Landlords and estate agents know that 99% of UK renters have no idea about their rights
  • πŸ’‘The process - The complete "War on Renting" process, the step by step guide making renting easier from start to finish. Less hassle, less headaches.

What's inside?

  • βœ… A full process detailing the best practices for renting to prevent costly mistakes and make your renting life easier
  • βœ… Actionable techniques for getting your rental problems solved
  • βœ… Pre-written emails that you can send to your landlord/estate agents
  • βœ… Simple explanation of the relevant laws that landlord/estate agents know that 99% of renters don't know or understand
  • βœ… Printable checklists you can use during a property search
  • ❌ No upsale, no fluff